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Background: My parents are considering getting a Mac. This means passing on their old 1.4 GHz/1 GB  desktop from ABS, so I can use it as a server. Nice. Anyways, the good news is that after brushing the dust off of it (after not having used it for a year), I managed to get everything working, including sound and wireless networking. Even on the Mandriva Linux partition I put on it a while ago. Thank God for NDISWrapper.

The bad news is that now, it won’t boot.

I booted into Mandriva first, got everything set up, and rebooted into Windows XP. It stalled at the boot screen. I went back into Mandriva and it also stalled. Hmm. Weird. Normally, I’d just get out my trusty Sabayon DVD and diagnose the problem from there, but it stalled too. So did Shift. And Ubuntu. Hardware issue?

The panels on the side are screwed on and I can’t find a matching screwdriver. I guess I’ll just try again tomorrow. It’s probably just dust.