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Now that I have your attention, let me explain.

Apparently, it’s become a trend for JB fangirls to say “OMJ” instead of “OMG”. Obsessed much? I could think of so many things that are wrong with that, but one stands out. Obviously, the single-minded obsession of some of these psychopaths already borders on idolatry, but this time, they’ve actually substituted the God they’re supposed to worship (JB fangirls are overwhelmingly Christian, just like the Jonass Brothers claim to be).

There. They’ve crossed the line between fandom and idolatry. They’ve rejected God for some talentless corporate WHORES.

Now, isn’t idolatry one of the 10 Commandments? Hmm…

<Twisted Sister>


</Twisted Sister>

The Jonas Brothers aren’t Christians. In fact, they promote idolatry, along with lust, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Not love, you fangirls. LUST. There’s a difference, but you’re too brainwashed to see. The Jonas Brothers used their self-proclaimed faith for personal gain, rather than helping others become better people, which is what Christianity is about. And for that, they, and all their fangirls, will burn in hell if they’re really as serious about their “faith” as they claim to be.

PS: I’m an Atheist.


And if it is, I recommend moving to another country.

In my last post, I went over how talent and popularity are unrelated. If anything, there’s an inverse relationship. I used Sonata Arctica and Linkin Park as examples, and the winner was clear. Compared to this case, though, the last one will need a photo finish.

Here’s the root of the problem.

Some idiot thinks that by counting up the number of Jonas Brothers fans and haters, he (she?) thinks that the Eternal Jonas Brothers Flamewar will be resolved forever.

Reality check!

  • There may well be more haters than “lovers” (read: brainwashed fangirls) on YouTube. Let’s hope so so that this idiot will shut up.
  • Even if the swarm of hormone-crazed tweenies finds this video, who cares? No matter how many comments there are, the Jonas Brothers will still be talentless, overpromoted hacks.
  • Of course we’ll all care a lot if the tweens “win”. Of course we’ll forfeit our freedom of speech. Of course. In case you missed it, that was sarcasm.

I can easily prove the conspicuous lack of talent on the Jonas Brothers’ part. Disney is like a black hole of talent. All talent past its event horizon is lost forever. But that’s a matter for another post- or maybe even a video. Some audio to go along with it would be nice.

In the meantime, listen to this.