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Music: Mors Principium Est – It Is Done

The scum of the earth starts to fade…

We have won, you are gone

And now, you will pay the price

If you haven’t managed to see Encyclopedia Dramatica yet, don’t bother clicking that link. You won’t miss all that much. If you must know, it was a horribly filler-heavy mishmash of memes, online personalities that nobody in their right mind cares about (or even has heard of), and shock images (anything from hentai to furry porn to goatse), all loosely assembled in the style of Wikipedia- in other words, an Uncyclopedia clone catering to 14-year-old nerds. But what it is now is a page asking people to donate money for them. Their ads (and they used to have lots of them) aren’t cranking out as much revenue as they used to, and Wikia refused- a smart choice probably based on the site’s contents- to sponsor them. So now they’re closing down. Plus, most of the donations went to buying stuff for the site admins instead of doing anything useful.

But don’t worry, /b/tards, all hope is not gone! Just cross ED off of your daily routine and put Uncyclopedia there instead! Sure, it’s not quite as fappable as ED is, and uses most memes less than nine thousand times, but think about what you have to gain! A sense of humor! Through that, wittiness! Through that, respectability! Think about it, girls might even want to- God forbid- talk to you!

Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot what happens to you if you get within 100 feet of someone of the opposite sex that isn’t your mom. Never mind, just sit there crying. Don’t think about your suffering, think about what the rest of the Internet is gaining- just like that, the Internet has become funnier.


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